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Plastic Surgeon Discusses Dramatic Increase in Arm Lift Procedures

Dramatic weight loss, whether from bariatric surgery or successful dieting, can lead to many positive life changes, including improved self-confidence and overall wellbeing. However, there’s also a significant chance that there will be excess skin and residual fat deposits. One procedure that helps with the final steps of weight loss results is the upper arm lift, which according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has seen an increase of more than 4,000 percent since 2000.

Dr. Bradley Calobrace, a board certified plastic surgeon, discusses the increase in arm lifts and other essential procedures to enhance the results of extreme weight loss. “With Michelle Obama flaunting her toned arms along with a variety of additional celebrities, many women are striving for perfectly toned arms,” says Dr. Calobrace. “However, the arms have long been a trouble area for women. While diet and exercise can help in some cases, often times brachioplasty, or arm lifts, is the best answer, especially after extreme weight loss.”

In addition to brachioplasty, Dr. Calobrace suggests a few other body contouring procedures for optimal improvement. Abdominoplasty addresses the upper and/or lower abdomen to remove excess skin and fat, while mending weakened or separated abdominal muscles. Another recommended procedure is the Medial Thigh Lift, which removes the excess skin on the thighs that is common in patients post weight loss. Patients can also opt for a Back Lipectomy to tone the upper or lower back and flanks, usually on both sides.

“For the best results, we suggest taking a comprehensive approach to the body post weight loss to make sure excess skin and fat deposits are removed,” continues Dr. Calobrace. “It’s the best way to make sure the weight loss results you worked so hard for are visible and not distorted.”

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