5 Reasons Women Choose Breast Augmentation Revision

Portrait of a woman who is happy she had a breast augmentation revision by a board certified plastic surgeon in Louisville, KYWhile breast implants are designed to last longer than ever, revision is still a likely part of the breast augmentation journey. I tell my Louisville, KY patients that there’s no need to fear seeing your surgeon a second time. In fact, breast augmentation revision can provide many perks worth getting excited about.

Whether you want to upgrade your implants to a newer generation or are hoping to update your appearance, breast augmentation revision can help customize your augmentation treatment. Here are 5 common reasons why women choose breast revision surgery.

Weight Changes

Weight fluctuation is a common part of life. If you lose or gain a significant amount of weight, you might discover that your breast augmentation results no longer flatter your current body type. Implants may need to be adjusted to match new body proportions. Your surgeon can customize your surgery to best suit you.

Lifestyle Changes

Breast size can impact your life in multiple ways. Women who become significantly more active, for example, may realize they want to downsize a bit. While a supportive, properly-fitted sports bra can do wonders, larger breasts can potentially make strenuous exercise uncomfortable. Revision surgery can help give you a figure that works well with your day to day activities.


As time goes on, our bodies change. Breast tissue naturally starts sagging due to gravity and the loss of skin elasticity. As they grow older, some women opt for smaller implant sizes to combat excessive sagging. Combining a breast revision with a breast lift is also a great opportunity to dramatically reverse the effects of aging. Sagging breasts can be both lifted and given volume, making them appear more youthful and perkier.

Unsatisfactory Results

While breast augmentation boasts a 98% “Worth It” rating on RealSelf.com, some patients don’t end up with the results they were expecting. A board-certified plastic surgeon can help treat complications like capsular contracture, “double bubble,” or implant malposition. Women trust CaloAesthetics to correct procedures done elsewhere and fix results that weren’t exactly right.

Change in Preference

Your taste in style can change as the years go by. The kinds of implants you enjoyed in your 20s might not be the kind you want heading into your 40s. Should your desired look change, you’re free to exchange your implants for a look that better matches your new goals. Your augmentation should always complement you and your lifestyle.

Our board-certified surgeons at CaloAesthetics work closely with patients during the revision consultation process. We always make sure your new implant selection will be as timeless and flattering as possible.

To see results involving our actual breast revision patients, browse our before-and-after gallery. If you’re interested in breast augmentation revision or have any other questions, request a consultation using the online form or by calling (502) 899-9979.

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