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Nose Reshaping

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Procedures Depicted: Nose Reshaping

Closed Rhinoplasty
Mrs. A wanted to improve the appearance of her nose. She felt her nose was too dominant for her face. She disliked the hump on the nose and the width of her nose at the base and the tip. The preoperative pictures demonstrates clearly most of her complaints. In the side view, the hump is easily shown. Her nose also appears to be sloping downward (plunging tip). The frontal view demonstrates the excess width to her nose especially between her eyes. She denied any previous trauma, surgeries or breathing issues.
After discussing her options, she elected to have a closed rhinoplasty at lousiville. Closed rhinoplasty, also referred to as endonasal rhinoplasty, is a rhinoplasty procedure in which all incisions are confined to the inside of the nostrils, resulting in no visible skin incisions. While it may not offer quite as much freedom to the surgeon, the closed rhinoplasty surgery still allows plenty of reshaping possibilities. Bone and cartilage can be removed or reshaped or, in some cases, added in for better shape or support. In a closed approach, less surgical intervention is preformed so overall swelling, bruising, and recovery time is significantly less.
The post-operative photos taken at FOUR weeks after the surgery show the dramatic improvement to her nose and overall facial appearance. The side view demonstrates the improvement on her dorsum (top of nose) after the hump was reduced. The frontal view shows overall softening and balance to her nose after some cartilage and bone was reshaped.  She also underwent Fraxel Repair at Louisville the same time. 

Age: 45
Gender: Female
Race: White

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