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CaloAesthetics Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship program at CaloAesthetics and CaloSpa in Louisville, KY offers additional educational and research opportunities board-eligible plastic surgeons in surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic medical procedures. This fellowship began July 2019 as a 6-month fellowship and was expanded to a 12-month fellowship July 2020.

The CaloAesthetics fellowship is endorsed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). It is designed to provide advanced clinical training in aesthetic surgery. It includes significant experience in all aspects of aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine with a particularly in-depth focus on aesthetic breast surgery.

The aesthetic breast component includes all aspects of primary and secondary breast surgery, including augmentation, mastopexies, fat grafting, explantation and its management, and the treatment of complications.
The program emphasizes experience, research, publications, presentations, and education to holistically engage and educate plastic surgeons to further enhance the profession of aesthetic medicine.

The curriculum includes the opportunity to learn advanced surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments as well as the business of plastic surgery.

If you are interested in being considered as a fellow, please contact the practice for more information.

Fellowship Program

The CaloAesthetics fellowship program is directed by Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace, an internationally renowned surgeon and educator. He recently completed a textbook on aesthetic breast surgery (with Dr. Kortesis, Dr. Bharti, and Dr. Mays).

Under their leadership, this fellowship is focused on advancing education in aesthetic medicine, and their fellows are involved in research projects and publications designed to enrich their overall experience.

About Dr. Calobrace

Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace has been involved in plastic surgery education since the initiation of his practice in 1997 and has participated in the University of Louisville’s Plastic Surgery Residency program over the past 20 years. He has been honored to receive the Teaching Award in 2007, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2019. He also has served as clinical faculty (gratis) for the University of Kentucky over the past four years. Dr. Calobrace has been extensively published and lectures nationally and internationally.

Dr. Calobrace believes that there is a great need for additional aesthetic training programs in the United States. The CaloAesthetics Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship program was initiated in an effort to provide a more in-depth learning experience for plastic surgery residents interested in enhancing their knowledge and experience in aesthetic surgery.

About CaloAesthetics and CaloSpa

CaloAesthetics, a large aesthetic practice in Louisville, KY, and CaloSpa, a multi-location medical spa in Kentucky and Indiana, are ideal for comprehensive training in aesthetic medicine. Our team of aesthetic experts includes a board-certified plastic surgeon solely dedicated to all aspects of aesthetic and breast surgery, and 65 employees, including 6 aestheticians, 2 nurse practitioners, one physician’s assistant, 4 nurse injectors, 3 medical assistants, and 15 nurses.

We are excited to offer this comprehensive aesthetic surgery fellowship to educate and inform plastic surgeons who are interested in learning all aspects of aesthetic medicine.

Fellowship Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum for the CaloAesthetics Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship is as follows:

  • Aesthetic Breast Surgery
    • Analysis and examination techniques
      • Congenital Breast Disorders
      • Gynecomastia
      • Mammary ptosis
      • Mammary hypoplasia
      • Revision aesthetic breast surgery
    • Mammary hypertrophy
      • Indications and contraindications of surgical techniques for Reduction Mammoplasty.
      • Surgical therapy
        • Liposuction
        • Nipple pedicle
          • Central
          • Superior
          • Superior medial
          • Inferior
          • Free nipple graft
        • Vertical skin technique
        • Wise-type skin excision
      • Complications and their management
    • Mammary hypoplasia
      • Indications and contraindications of surgical techniques
      • Breast Augmentation Techniques
        • Implant type
        • Saline
        • Silicone
      • Surgical incision
        • IMF
        • Periareolar
        • Transaxillary
      • Breast plane
        • Subpectoral
        • Subglandular
      • Complications and management
      • Capsular contracture-prevention and management
      • Revision breast augmentation
      • Long term problems and their evaluation with non-invasive methods
    • Mammary ptosis
      • Indications and contraindications
      • Surgical procedures for correction:
        • Mastopexy
        • Mastopexy-augmentation
      • Complications and their management
    • Male gynecomastia
      • Indications and contraindications
      • Surgical procedures for correction:
        • Liposuction
        • Excisional techniques
      • Complications and their management
    • Congenital breast deformities
      • Inverted nipple
      • Tubular breast and constricted breast
      • Breast asymmetry
  • Facial Aesthetic Surgery
    • Aesthetic principles of the face
      • Facial Anatomy
      • Facial Analysis
      • Skin care
        • Daily
        • Pre-operative/pre-procedural
        • Post-operative
        • Uses in treating skin conditions
    • Upper Face
      • Brow analysis
      • Brow Lifting Techniques
        • Non-invasive
        • Endoscopic
        • Open
          • Direct
          • Hairline
          • Coronal
    • Upper Eyelid
      • Upper eyelid analysis
      • Blepharoptosis evaluation and treatment
      • Upper Blepharoplasty techniques
        • Non-invasive
        • Surgical
    • Lower Eyelid
      • Lower eyelid analysis and pre-operative evaluation
      • Lower blepharoplasty techniques
        • Non-invasive
        • Skin only
        • Orbicularis repositioning
          • Canthopexy techniques
          • Canthoplasty techniques
    • Midface/ Cheek
      • Midface/Cheek analysis
      • Midface lift techniques
        • Open
        • Endoscopic
      • Non-invasive volumetric augmentation
    • Face and Neck
      • Analysis
      • Pre-operative planning
      • Operative techniques
        • Neck lift
        • Chin implant
        • Platysmaplasty
        • Facelift
          • Subcutaneous
          • SMAS plication
          • SMASectomy
          • Sub-SMAS
        • Fat grafting
    • Rhinoplasty
      • Analysis
      • Structural considerations
      • Techniques
        • Open vs. closed
        • Incisions
      • Grafts
        • Primary rhinoplasty
        • Secondary rhinoplasty
        • Cleft lip nasal deformity
        • Airway obstruction
          • Surgical management
          • Non-surgical management
    • Alopecia/ hair transplantation/restoration
      • Principles
      • Surgical techniques
      • Neograft techniques
      • Strip Grafting
        • Non-surgical Management including PRP
        • Complications and management
    • Deformities of the ear
      • Analysis
      • Operative techniques
        • Otoplasty
  • Body Aesthetic Surgery Techniques
    • Liposuction
      • Including understanding the basic uses of standard, ultrasonic assisted and alternative liposuction modalities.
      • Liposuction techniques including wetting solutions
      • Appreciation of the physiologic effect of tumescent fluid, its pharmacological composition and the symptoms, effect of lidocaine toxicity.
      • Techniques and instrumentation
        • Suction assisted
        • Power Assisted
        • Ultrasonic Assisted
        • Other
      • Clinical application
      • Complications and management
    • Abdominoplasty
      • Analysis
      • Surgical techniques
        • Mini-abdominoplasty
        • Endoscopic plication
        • Lipoabdominoplasty
        • Abdominoplasty
        • Extended and circumferential technique
    • Body contouring and massive weight loss techniques
      • Analysis
      • Bariatric surgical techniques
      • Pre-operative management
      • Operative techniques
        • Brachioplasty
        • Upper trunk contouring
        • Lower body lift procedures
        • Thighplasty (medial/lateral)
    • Fat grafting
      • Preoperative planning
      • Safety issues
      • Gluteal augmentation
      • Chest augmentation with gynecomastia
      • Post-liposuction deformities
    • Vaginal Rejuvenation
      • Labiaplasty
      • Vaginoplasty
      • Indications for treatment
      • Non-surgical treatment
        • Diva RF rejuvenation
  • Cosmetic Medicine
    • A demonstration of regional facial nerve blocks associated with non-surgical facial rejuvenation.
    • Neurotoxins. Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport and Xeomin
    • Soft-tissue fillers including collagen-based, hyaluronic acid-based and permanent fillers.
    • Non-surgical rejuvenation such as chemical peels
    • Laser treatment of skin for rejuvenation
      • Biophysics
      • Instrumentation – varieties of lasers for rejuvenation
      • Clinical applications
      • Techniques of use
      • Aftercare
    • Complications and management
    • Skin care including preoperative prepping for laser rejuvenation and chemical peeling.
    • Hormone therapy, BioTe
      • Evaluation and management of hormone deficiencies and regulated treatment options
  • The practice of aesthetic surgery
    • Outpatient office/clinic management
    • ICD-10 coding
    • CPT coding
    • Medical photography
    • Outpatient operating facility
      • Equipment
      • Laboratory evaluation
      • Patient records
      • Patient monitoring during surgery
      • AAAAPSF standards
    • Medicolegal and psychological aspects of aesthetic surgery
    • Principles of informed consent
    • Risk Management
    • The medical record
    • Psychological aspects of aesthetic surgery
    • Evaluation of the patient for aesthetic surgery
    • The psychology of deformity
    • Management of the dissatisfied patient

Please contact the practice for more information on being considered for our fellowship program.

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