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Doctor Bradley Calobrace

Dr. Calobrace is a graduate of Indiana University Medical School and completed residencies in both General Surgery and Plastic Surgery at University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Subsequently, he completed a aesthetic and breast surgery fellowship with Dr. G. Patrick Maxwell and began practice in Louisville, Kentucky in 1997. He has dual clinical faculty appointments with the Departments of Plastic Surgery, at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky and received teaching honors in 2007, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2019. Dr. Calobrace also is the director of his one-year Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship endorsed by The Aesthetic Society.

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Dr. Calobrace is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Aesthetic Society, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Kentucky Society of Plastic Surgeons. (Learn more.) In addition, he has been awarded numerous Top Doc awards by both patients and peers.

Credentials, Awards and Associations for Dr. Calobrace

He has a thriving cosmetic surgery practice, performing approximately 1,000 major cosmetic procedures each year, including facial surgery, body contouring, breast surgery, hair transplantation, and post-bariatric rejuvenation.

If you are evaluating Kentucky plastic surgeons, request a consultation with Dr. Calobrace using the online form, or call (502) 899-9979 to schedule your visit.

World-Renowned Breast Surgery Expertise

Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace is an internationally and nationally recognized leader in aesthetic breast surgery and has participated in multiple FDA clinical breast studies and has been a consultant and speaker for Allergan, Mentor, Galatea, SIA, Evolus, Revance and Sientra. He also performed live surgery at the 2009, 2014, 2016 and 2019 Atlanta Breast Symposium, 2018 Advanced Aesthetics Meeting in St Petersburg Russia, and SOS/ISAPS Meeting in Vienna, Austria in 2021 and the 2023 Baker-Gordon Meeting in Miami.

Dr. Calobrace speaking at the 2016 ASPS

Dr. Calobrace has published extensively on the subject of aesthetic breast surgery. He co-authored the 10-year FDA clinical trials for Sientra and Mentor. His publication in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal titled “The Safety of Smooth and Textured Silicone Breast Implants” was the recipient of the Best Journal Article Paper Award for ASJ 2018.  Dr. Calobrace also received the prestigious ASAPS 2018 Scott Spears Award for Best Lecture on Breast Surgery and the Simon Fredericks’ Best Panelist Award for “Key Techniques and Pearls that No One Knows: Breast Augmentation.”   In 2020, he published a textbook on Augmentation Mastopexy published by Springer and a video series on “Options in Mastopexy” with QMP Publishing.

Women travel from all over the country to receive breast surgery and all types of aesthetic surgery from Dr. Calobrace at CaloAesthetics Plastic Surgery. Dr. Calobrace has become one of the most recognized authorities on cosmetic breast surgery and newly designed breast implants. Dr. Calobrace has worked with the FDA and continues to support women’s choices, which may include implant removal and reconstruction to provide beautiful breasts without implants. Dr. Calobrace publishes extensively in the journals and published a textbook on breast lifting with augmentation including implants or fat grafting in 2020.

Dr. Calobrace has been a featured "Beauty Expert" in NewBeauty magazine since 2006, and the honor has continued for more than 10 years. He has once again earned the distinction of "Top Beauty Expert."

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CaloAesthetics Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship

Dr. Calobrace is the Fellowship Director of the CaloAesthetics Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, a 12-month program available to board-eligible plastic surgeons who want additional aesthetic surgery training. This program provides a significant educational experience in all aspects of aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine with an in-depth focus on aesthetic breast surgery.

Launched in 2019, this program provides advanced continuing education for board-eligible plastic surgeons and allows them hands-on experience with both surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic medical procedures under the leadership of Dr. Bradley Calobrace.

This fellowship is focused on providing continuing education in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Fellows are involved in research projects and publications to enhance their educational experience during the program.

Learn more about the CaloAesthetics Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship program. If you are a board-eligible plastic surgeon interested in being considered as a fellow, please contact the practice for more information.

International Leader & Educator of Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Calobrace began the Beauty Through Science New York meeting in 2022.   This meeting and the Beauty Through Science Stockholm meeting is an international collaboration between Dr. Calobrace and Dr. Per Heden, committed to bringing together the world’s greatest educators in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic medicine, setting a new standard in aesthetic education.

Dr. Calobrace was honored to participate as traveling professor for The Aesthetic Society from 2015-2022 and is  currently traveling professor for the Southeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons..  He also co-chairs the Aesthetic Training Program Committee, the Breast Emergency Response Workgroup Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Aesthetic Society.  He also serves as a clinical editor for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Dr. Calobrace also hosts four preceptorships a year at CaloAesthetics where many plastic surgeons from around the country travel to Louisville to learn from Dr. Calobrace and observe him performing multiple breast surgeries. Additionally, he chairs the BIA-ALCL committee for The Aesthetic Society; is the clinical editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal; has performed live surgery at the 2009, 2014, 2016, and 2019 Atlanta Breast Symposium and the 2018 Advanced Aesthetics Meeting in St Petersburg, Russia, and SOS/ISAPS Meeting in Vienna, Austria in 2021 and the 2023 Baker-Gordon Meeting in Miami.

Dr. Calobrace holding award in suit with other award winners

Dr. Calobrace has traveled the world and this year is no exception, heading to Stockholm, Brussels, Rome, and Israel to name a few.  Recent meetings have included:

  • Mid-Eastern Society 2023, July 14-16, 2023
  • Beauty Through Science 2023, Stockholm, Sweden, June 1-4, 2023
  • The Aesthetic Meeting 2023, Miami, FL, April 19-23, 2023
  • The Aesthetic Society Meeting 2023, Toronto, ON, March 30- April 1, 2023
  • SESPRS visiting professor, Roanoke, VA, March 17-18, 2023
  • The Aesthetic Society Meeting 2023, Louisville, KY, March 4-5, 2023
  • Sientra Education Forum, Park City, UT, February 17-19, 2023
  • Baker Gordon Symposium 2023, Miami, FL, February 9-12, 2023
  • Beauty Through Science, New York, NY, December 1-3, 2022
  • The Aesthetic Society Meeting 2022, Boston, MA, October 28-31, 2022
  • World Consensus Conference on BIA-ALCL 2022, Houston, TX, September 30 – October 1, 2022
  • CATBBS, Brussels, Belgium, June 24-28, 2022
  • Beauty Through Science, Stockholm, Sweden, June 8-11, 2022
  • Traveling professor, Wake Forest, NC, June 2, 2022
  • ICOPLAST 2022, Lima, Peru, May 19-23, 2022
  • The Aesthetic Meeting 2022, San Diego, CA, April 21-25, 2022
  • Dallas Plastic Surgery Channel 2022, Dallas, TX, February 25-27, 2022
  • Houston Society of Plastic Surgery 2022, Houston, TX, February 17-19, 2022
  • Baker Gordon Symposium 2022, Coconut Grove, FL, February 10-12, 2022
  • Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium 2022, Atlanta, GA, January 28-30, 2022
  • Octave Conference 2022, San Diego, CA, January 20-22, 2022
  • The Aesthetic Society Meeting 2022, Las Vegas, NV, January 14-16, 2022
  • New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2019, New York, NY, October 26, 2019.
  • Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s Conference 2019, Brisbane, Australia, October 4-6, 2019.
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Symposium in Brisbane, Australia, October 3, 2019.
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons, San Diego, CA, September 20-23, 2019.
  • London Breast Meeting, London, England, September 4-7, 2019.
  • Sientra Education Forum – Simply Connecting the Dots, Chicago, IL, June 14-15, 2019.
  • Beauty Through Science 2019. Stockholm, Sweden, June 4-9, 2019.
  • The Aesthetic Meeting 2019: ASAPS Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, May 17-21, 2019.
  • ASAPS Traveling Professor, Brown University, Providence, RI, April 23-24, 2019.
  • New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting, New Brunswick, NJ, April 13, 2019.
  • Puerto Rico Plastic Surgery Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 29, 2019.
  • ASPS Aesthetica Super Symposium, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 14-16, 2019.
  • ASPS Practice Innovations, Las Vegas, NV, March 14-16, 2019.
  • Thirty-fifth Annual Breast Surgery Symposium, Atlanta, GA, January 18, 2019.
  • The Aston Baker Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium, New York, NY, November 29-December 1, 2018.
  • Tel Aviv Breast Meeting, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 12-13, 2018.
  • Joint North Carolina Society and South Carolina Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Scientific
  • Meeting, Kiawah Island, SC, November 2-4, 2018.
  • Advanced Aesthetic Breast and Body Contouring, 2018, Petersburg, Russia, October 11-14, 2018.
  • 2018 QMP Aesthetic Surgery Symposium, Chicago, IL, September 14-16, 2018.
  • Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting, Lake Oconee, GA, August 3-5, 2018.
  • Beauty Through Science, Stockholm, Sweden, June 7-9, 2018.
  • Louisiana Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting, New Orleans, LA, May 19, 2018.
  • The Aesthetics Meeting 2018, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting,
  • New York, NY, April 27 – May 1, 2018.
  • Minnesota Society of Plastic Surgeons, Minneapolis, MN, April 21, 2018.
  • ASAPS Visiting Professor, Univ of Minnesota and Mayo School of Medicine, Minneapolis,
  • MN, April 21, 2018.
  • Midwestern Association of Plastic Surgeons, Chicago, IL, April 14, 2018.
  • 56th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons, Honolulu, HI, February 17-21, 2018.
  • Thirty-Fourth Annual Breast Surgery Symposium, Atlanta, GA, January 19-21, 2018.

Dr. Calobrace in China at a convention

  • HACAPA-ASAPS Aesthetic Surgery Congress, Shanghai, China, December 8-10, 2017.
  • The Aston Baker Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium, New York, NY, November 30-December 2, 2017.
  • Experienced Insights, ASAPS Breast and Body Contouring: Interaction. Involvement. Inspiration. San Francisco, CA, October 19-21, 2017.
  • Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Toronto, Canada, October 12-14, 2017.
  • ASAPS Visiting Professor, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, October 12, 2017.
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting: Plastic Surgery The Meeting, Orlando, FL, October 9-13, 2017.
  • ASAPS Visiting Professor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, September 20-22, 2017.
  • ASPS Breast Surgery and Body Contouring Symposium, San Diego, CA, August 10-12, 2017.
  • ASAPS Visiting Professor, California Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, May 27-29, 2017.
  • ASAPS Visiting Professor, South Carolina Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting, Columbia, SC, May 13, 2017.
  • American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, April 28 – May 2, 2017.
  • ASAPS Visiting Professor, The 2017 Congress of the Association of Specialists in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery of Quebec, Montreal, Canada, February 17-18, 2017.
  • The 51st Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, Miami, FL, February 19-11, 2017.
  • Thirty-Third Annual Breast Surgery Symposium, Atlanta, GA, January 20-22, 2017.

Top Procedures

While Dr. Calobrace is highly trained and experienced in a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, he is especially sought after for the following:

Leader in Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Calobrace continues to be a leader in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. CaloSpa, established in 2007, has been considered one of the largest and most successful medical spas in the United States, complementing all the surgical services provided at CaloAesthetics Plastic Surgery. In 2014, CaloSpa Lexington was established to serve women and men from Lexington, Frankfort, Somerset, and all of Eastern Kentucky. CaloSpa provides the latest and greatest medical devices and is the leading injector of fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic, and Jeuveau® in Kentucky. The CaloSpa injector team includes Dr. Calobrace and 7 other nurse/nurse practitioner injectors.


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