Fat Transfer

Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace and Dr. Chet Mays can enhance your appearance with a variety of cosmetic procedures. They perform fat transfer in their Lexington and Louisville, KY practice to provide enhancements to the face, breasts, and body using your own fat tissue. This option appeals to people who want to augment areas without putting something artificial into their bodies.

To find out about the many ways fat transfer can improve your appearance naturally, request a consultation at CaloAesthetics Plastic Surgery Center in Kentucky or call (502) 899-9979 to schedule your visit.

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Improvements From Fat Transfer

Model ImageFat transfer, also called fat grafting, has been performed for decades to enhance one area of the body with fat that is harvested from another area using liposuction. It is indicated for:

  • Restoring volume to the cheeks and other areas of the face
  • Filling wrinkles
  • Augmenting lips
  • Increasing breast size
  • Restoring fat after weight loss
  • Reshaping and enlarging the buttocks with a Brazilian butt lift

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About Fat Transfer

Fat grafting can be performed with local or general anesthesia. Using liposuction, fat is carefully harvested, ensuring a sufficient quantity of healthy and viable fat cells. Many patients choose to have areas of the body or face sculpted at this time such as the hips, thighs, or under the chin. After the harvested fat is prepared, it is injected into the areas being enhanced. While not all of the fat is able to establish a blood supply and survive in its new location, the fat that remains after 3 months is likely to be long lasting.

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What to Expect During Recovery

After fat transfer, experiences vary between patients. Typically, areas where fat was harvested and areas where it was placed will be sore, swollen, and bruised. A standard compression garment will need to be worn on areas where fat was harvested for 4 to 6 weeks. Expect drainage for several days.

Return to Work

Patients typically may return to work in a few days, but should postpone strenuous exercise for several weeks.

Other Things to Know

  • Because the patient's own fat tissue is used, there is no risk of allergic reaction with fat grafting.
  • It may be necessary to return for follow-up treatments if fat does not take evenly or if additional fullness is desired.

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