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The Facts About Tummy Tuck For Diastasis Recti

Many women yearn for the flat, toned stomach they had before pregnancy and childbirth. But, separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) often result in a protruding belly, leaving you feeling frustrated and self-conscious during swimsuit season and beyond. Don't despair! A tummy tuck can repair a stretched, bulging belly and boost your body image. With this …

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Mature woman with hand on face (model)

How We Achieve Natural-Looking Facelift Outcomes

The pursuit of youth and beauty can sometimes lead to results that look artificial. At CaloAesthetics® Plastic Surgery Center, we balance the desire for a youthful appearance with the grace of natural aging by using advanced techniques. A facelift done right doesn't merely stretch the skin but addresses the deeper layers of the face to …

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Dr. Calobrace Appointed to Carmell Corporation Scientific Advisory Board

Carmell Corporation has added Dr. Bradley Calobrace to their Scientific Advisory Board. Carmell Corp specializes in biometric products designed to support skin health following plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Calobrace is an internationally-acclaimed plastic surgeon who works to further scientific research to support innovations in surgical technology. His appointment to the Scientific Advisory Board will help …

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What Is Included in a Mommy Makeover? + More FAQs!

After pregnancy and childbirth, not only is your routine forever changed, but so is your body. Many women long to reclaim their pre-baby physique and decide to consult with us about mommy makeover surgery. But a procedure of this transformative nature often evokes many questions before surgery—beginning with, what is included in a mommy makeover? …

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Mother breastfeeding baby (models)

Is Breastfeeding With Implants Possible?

Breast augmentation surgery will have a monumental impact on your appearance, self-confidence, and lifestyle. While most of these changes will be positive, some women who plan to have more children often worry about breastfeeding in the future. Is it even possible to nurse a baby if you have implants? More importantly, is breastfeeding with implants …

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Important Questions To Ask at Your Breast Augmentation Consultation (Updated 2023)

Patients always have a one-on-one consultation before any plastic surgery procedure. For our breast augmentation patients in the Lexington and Louisville area, this is a chance to talk about their goals, ask questions, and discuss any lingering concerns. Unfortunately, sometimes patients feel nervous before their consultations, and they might be unsure of what to say …

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Woman in bed meeting new years resolutions after plastic surgery in Louisville, KY.

Enhancing the Appearance & Function of Your Vagina (Updated 2023)

I have seen an increased interest in labiaplasty to improve the appearance and comfort of the vaginal area in my cosmetic surgery practice here in Louisville, KY. In my previous blog, I discussed the basic labial reduction surgery where the large labia minora is reduced in size in a natural way. Women have been extremely …

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Woman's flat, firm abdomen with tshirt pulled up to show it

Is a Mini Tummy Tuck Ever Worth It? (Updated 2023)

If you’re looking into a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), you’ve likely come across the mini tummy tuck, a less intensive variation of the procedure, but a mini tummy tuck can come with regrets. The surgery is intriguing to many people because it requires less recovery time. Actress Jessica Simpson revealed she had a mini tummy tuck …

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How Much Is a Mommy Makeover? Factors Affecting Its Cost

Nearly every person considering cosmetic plastic surgery asks about the cost early in their journey. The answer can be relatively straightforward for some procedures—although each patient's unique circumstances will affect the price. However, the cost of a mommy makeover depends on the combination of procedures performed during the surgery, along with other factors. What's Included …

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