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When it comes to choosing breast implants, our patients in Louisville and Lexington, KY, have a range of options. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace and Dr. Chet Mays understand that each patient is a unique individual with her own anatomy, cosmetic goals, and lifestyle. That's why our surgeons don't limit their patients to a single implant product line but instead offer a variety of the latest, FDA-approved breast implants—some only available to select board-certified plastic surgeons— from a range of manufacturers.

If you're interested in breast augmentation, visit us to learn more about all of your breast implant options and how our surgeons can improve your look. Request a consultation online or call us at (502) 899-9979.

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Our patients don't have to choose between peace of mind and aesthetics. The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is filled with harmless saline but has a unique, patented design that provides a more natural look and feel than other saline implants. Instead of having one outer shell where the saline inside can slosh around like a water balloon, the IDEAL IMPLANT has multiple implant shells nested inside each other and 2 distinct chambers that hold the saline. Other benefits include:

  • FDA–approved for ages 18 and older
  • Outside edges contour toward the chest for a natural look
  • Leaks or ruptures are immediately obvious
  • Does not contain silicone gel
  • Requires a smaller incision than with silicone implants
  • Results look and feel more natural than saline implants

We are one of the few practices in Kentucky to offer this innovative saline implant option.

Sientra® Breast Implants

Model ImageChoosing Sientra implants means choosing some of the most scientifically advanced products in the world of cosmetic enhancement. Like other 5th generation gel implants, often called "gummy bears," Sientra implants are filled with a form-stable, high-strength silicone gel. These implants retain their shape even if they are compressed, cut, or torn. Many breast augmentation patients also prefer the material because it feels and looks more like real breast tissue, and creates results that seem very natural.

Sientra's textured round and shaped implants feature True Texture®, a unique texturing method that keeps the implants in place once they are inserted. Additionally, research has shown these implants carry a significantly reduced risk of capsular contracture1, an unusual complication in which an excess of hard scar tissue forms around an implant. These innovative implants even come with a one-of-a-kind guarantee protecting patients against capsular contracture.


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Very rarely, textured implants have been associated with the development of BIA ALCL (Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma). The benefits of texture must be weighed against this very rare development to determine the implant for each patient. Smooth implants have NO association with BIA ALCL.

Natrelle® Implants by Allergan

The Natrelle line of breast implants includes silicone and saline options in a range of sizes, profiles, shapes, and projections for beautiful, natural-looking results.

Black DiamondAt CaloAesthetics® Plastic Surgery Center, we are proud to be 1 of a very few practices in the U.S. to have achieved Black Diamond status, the highest level in the Allergan Partner Privileges®. We've earned this award by demonstrating an ongoing commitment to innovation, excellence, and the highest level of patient care.

  • Natrelle INSPIRA® round silicone gel implants, available in 3 levels of cohesiveness (also called "gumminess"), provide a full look, especially in the upper breast.
  • Natrelle® 410 anatomical (teardrop shaped) silicone gel gummy implants enhance the natural shape of the breasts by providing more fullness in the mid to lower breast.
  • Natrelle® saline-filled implants can be round or shaped for fullness without silicone.

Mentor® Breast Implants

Mentor implants are made in the U.S. and have been available worldwide for over 30 years. These safe, FDA–approved implants offer personalized results with many available options.

  • MemoryGel® and MemoryGel® Xtra are round cohesive silicone gel implants that enhance overall breast fullness and feel very much like natural breasts.
  • MemoryShape® cohesive silicone gel implants are teardrop shaped (anatomical) to provide a natural breast silhouette. They feel soft and doughy like natural tissue.
  • Mentor saline breast implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution after they are placed inside the body. They can be round or shaped with smooth and textured surfaces.

Often Asked

How do I know what size implants to choose?

You will not be alone when it comes to choosing your breast implants at our Kentucky center. Our experienced plastic surgeons know that size is one of the most important decisions to make. During your consultation, you will be able to try on implant sizers, which are silicone forms of varying sizes that can be placed in a stretchy bra. This will give you and your surgeon a good idea of the size you'd like to be. He can also use the VECTRA® 3-D imaging system to create a 3-D simulation of possible results using a digital image of your own body.

Are silicone implants safe?

Yes. Actually silicone implants were never proven to be unsafe. In 2006 (and updated again in 2011),2 the FDA re-approved the use of a new generation of silicone implants — which contained a thicker, more cohesive silicone gel — for women age 22 and older after finding no evidence linking these implants to increased health risks. Since then, implant technology has continued to advance with those that have stronger, more elastic outer coverings and a very natural-feeling silicone filling.

I have saline implants right now. Can I have them switched out for silicone implants?

Yes. While there's no need to replace implants on a particular timeline, many women want the new, more natural feel of today's silicone implants. Our surgeons often perform elective implant exchange for women who want to upgrade their implants for a different shape, size, or fill material.

Will I need to buy new bras to fit my implants?

Wearing a bra specially designed for breast implants can give your breasts needed support and help your results last for as long as possible. We recommend Ipomia bras, which were developed with the help of plastic surgeons and former breast augmentation patients.

1 Stevens WG, Nahabedian MY, Calobrace MB, Harrington JL, Capizzi PJ, Cohen R, d'Incelli RC, Beckstrand M, Risk factor analysis for capsular contracture: a 5-year Sientra study analysis using round, smooth, and textured implants for breast augmentation, Plast Reconstr Surg. 2013 Nov;132(5):1115-23. doi: 10.1097/01.prs.0000435317.76381.68.

2 FDA Update on the Safety of Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants , http://www.fda.gov/downloads/MedicalDevices/ProductsandMedicalProcedures/ImplantsandProsthetics/BreastImplants/UCM260090.pdf

Metrics for Sientra FDA Study

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