Financing Options

Financing cosmetic surgery can be an excellent option for many patients. We continue to monitor financing options and make the most attractive programs available to our clients. Incredibly, financing is possible for short-term loans with no interest.

We are here for you! If you have any questions or would like us to assist you in the application process, please call (502) 899-9979. Our Cosmetic Surgery Coordinators will work with you to provide the best financing option available.


Patient Fi logoPatientFi puts the patient’s best interest at the center of everything. Designed by the nation’s leading plastic surgeons, PatientFi allows you to pay for your treatment through flexible monthly payment plans, customized to fit your budget. Apply today to see which payment plan you qualify for with zero impact to your credit score!


Alphaeon LogoALPHAEON Credit offers an array of monthly payment options designed by this forward-thinking group of lifestyle healthcare physicians with the specific needs of their patients in mind. ALPHAEON Credit offers superior credit limits, meaning you can focus on getting the care recommended by your surgeon to help meet your individual wellness and beauty goals. To apply for Alphaeon credit from home, visit


CareCredit LogoA program designed through the use of a special credit card utilized for cosmetic surgery, CareCredit offers special financing with convenient payment options. You can apply online anytime or reach CareCredit at their toll-free number, 800-365-8295.

* A minimum purchase of $300.00 is required to use your Care Credit Card


BB&T LogoA program designed through the use of a special credit card utilized for cosmetic surgery, BB&T offers special financing with convenient payment options. Patients can apply by contacting Ashley Bruner at BB&T at (502) 412-0412.

Other Financing Options

A home equity loan is another excellent financing option available for cosmetic surgery. Home equity loan interest payments are generally tax deductible. Please contact your personal banker for more information.

A credit card payment is another option available for financing the entire procedure or possibly only the surgery deposit. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


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