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Aspen Technology logoThe most common complication for breast augmentation patients is capsular contracture. Although great strides have been made in the understanding and prevention of this relatively rare concern, it may still occur despite a surgeon’s best efforts. Previously, revisionary surgery was the only effective capsular contracture treatment for patients in Louisville, Kentucky, and around the country. But today, we’re proud to offer a non-surgical option called Aspen Technology at CaloAesthetics® Plastic Surgery Center.

To explore your candidacy for the Aspen method of capsular contracture treatment at the Cosmetic Breast Center, request a consultation today or call (502) 899-9979 to schedule your visit and learn more about this procedure.

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About Capsular Contracture

Any time a foreign object is introduced to the body, the immune system takes action. Capsular contracture occurs when the immune system goes into overdrive, attempting to protect the body from breast implants. Scar tissue develops around the implants, causing the breasts to become hard, tight, and constricted. Although capsular contracture is not harmful, it can be physically uncomfortable and distort the appearance of the breasts.

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Today, many surgeons believe that bacterial growth contributes to capsular contracture. Normal bacteria found on the skin can be transferred onto the implant during surgery, increasing the body’s immune response. At our Cosmetic Breast Center, Dr. Calobrace and Dr. Quintero take special steps to prevent bacterial transfer during surgery. Although the overwhelming majority of breast augmentation patients don’t experience any complications, capsular contracture may still occur.

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What Is Aspen Technology?

Many women undergo breast revision surgery to change the size or style of their implants or to correct a complication. Although this procedure is an effective way to treat capsular contracture, many patients are wary of undergoing additional surgery.

Developed by doctors in Coral Springs, Florida, Aspen Technology has provided hope and healing to hundreds of women around the country coping with capsular contracture. Today, we're proud to offer this non-surgical treatment method to our Louisville breast revision patients at the Cosmetic Breast Center.

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At the heart of Aspen Technology is ultrasound therapy. Unlike an ultrasound machine used for diagnostics, the Aspen ultrasound system is a patented device that uses a special treatment head just for the breasts. While patient experiences vary, typically a series of 10 ultrasound treatments are administered over the course of about a month. The ultrasound waves break apart the biofilm created by bacteria growth. With the biofilm weakened, the body is more receptive to oral antibiotics. Patients are also prescribed a course of drugs such as SINGULAIR® to relax the constricted tissues. Special massage techniques are also used to further soften and relax the breasts.

Aspen Technology is most effective when administered soon after capsular contracture begins to develop. During your consultation, Dr. Calobrace evaluates your candidacy and recommends a treatment option that's most likely to help you.

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