Jessica’s Breast Augmentation

Real Patient Photo: Jessica


Jessica, age 28


My hobbies include going to the gym and making my body the best it can be (learning proper nutrition, etc.).

When did you first start thinking about getting your breast augmentation?

I started thinking about a breast augmentation about 8 years ago.

What motivated you to pursue plastic surgery?

I decided to pursue plastic surgery because I felt it was the only way to achieve my idea of the perfect body. Something I could not fix myself, I knew that Dr. Calobrace could fulfill for me.

How much research did you do?

I did not have to do much research to know that Dr. Calobrace was the right choice for me. I had a few friends who had come to him and that helped solidify my decision.

How did you hear about Dr. Calobrace?

I heard about Dr. Calobrace from friends who had previously had breast surgery and had compelling results.

How many other plastic surgeons did you consult?

I did not consult with any other plastic surgeon.

Describe your consultation with Dr. Calobrace.

My consultation with Dr. Calobrace was great. He was very charming and knowledgeable. He was not pushy, and he let me choose but gave great advice and direction so that I would have the best results possible.

What is it about Dr. Calobrace that led you to choose him?

I choose Dr. Calobrace because I was fascinated with his success, and I had heard he was the absolute best. I learned that he traveled the world to teach other surgeons how to perform the latest technical advances in breast surgery, and that was extremely impressive.

Did you feel prepared for the procedure?

I felt very prepared for the procedure thanks to the staff who provided me with all the necessary information prior to surgery.

Real Patient Photo: Jessica

What was your recovery like? Did it match what you expected?

The recovery was easy. I didn’t really have expectations because it was something I had never done before, but if it was something I had to do again, I would.

Please describe your interaction with the staff at our practice?

The staff members at Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center are supreme experts when it comes to their craft. They made me feel special and beautiful. They were very encouraging and helpful. I couldn’t have chosen better people to trust with such an emotional/ physical decision for myself. I’m very thankful.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique, and your results may vary.

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