Why Necklifts are Becoming More Popular

enhancing the appearance of your vagina From facial fillers to facelifts, it seems as though almost everyone is focused on achieving a more youthful face. While there are options for every preference and price point, there is a particular problem area people often neglect: the neck.

A loosening or sagging neck is one sure sign of aging, but luckily it can easily be resolved. However, it’s often an area people forget to address as they instead zero in on things like crows’ feet or nasolabial folds. Yet the face just tells part of the story!

A necklift, often in conjunction with a facelift, can smooth loose skin and restore a more youthful contour to the face and neck area. Incisions are often placed within the hairline and in natural contours of the body to reduce visibility.

In performing a necklift along with a facelift, doctors can help their patients to accomplish a youthful and natural appearance. If the face is lifted and fresh, but the neck shows signs of aging (such as wrinkles and sagging skin), the end result can be less than appealing, which is why a necklift can be crucial for many patients.

It’s often these little areas (such as the neck and the hands) that can reveal signs of aging and loss of skin tone, and in tweaking these areas, doctors can help patients to attain a fresh, young, glowing appearance. So, when considering a facelift…don’t forget the neck!

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