VISIA®: A Simple Breakdown of Your Complex Complexion

VISIA Complexion Analysis benefits day spa patients in Louisville

Many patients who visit our day spa from Louisville, Lexington, and other nearby communities say that a highlight of their appointment is their complexion analysis with VISIA®. The VISIA system uses a special camera to help you visualize different elements of your skin to pinpoint damaged areas and see potential trouble spots before they flare up.

A VISIA analysis is completely comfortable and non-invasive. The experience is comparable to having X-rays taken at the dentist’s office. Once the photo of your face is taken, VISIA renders several images of your skin to help us map areas of sun damage, aging, surface irregularities, vascular lesions, and more.

Our skin care professionals spend lots of time reviewing your images with you. Typically, this conversation is educational and interesting, as many people learn new things about their skin, such as the depth of their pores. Our skin care team uses this information to help make sound recommendations for your complexion, from topical products you can use at home to clinical treatments that can stave off aging and enhance the long-term health and beauty of your skin.

Since we added it, VISIA has been an indispensable tool at our practice by letting patients understand their skin more fully than they could before. To get started learning about your own complexion, contact us for a spa consulation.

About Dr. Nana Mizuguchi

Nana N. Mizuguchi, MD, FACS is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Mizuguchi brings a high level of experience in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery to Calobrace & Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery Center. He is a highly-skilled Louisville, Kentucky plastic surgeon with an artistic vision for beauty. His key goals are to provide exceptional quality of care, compassion, patient education, and exceptional surgical outcomes. Dr. Mizuguchi is the leading Sculptra® Aesthetic injector in the region and continues to lecture not only to physicians and injectors but to his patients during his evening events. He has designed a "liquid facelift" utilizing injectable fillers, Sculptra Aesthetic, and BOTOX® Cosmetic in Louisville, KY to create a non-surgical result for those who are not quite ready for a traditional facelift. View all posts by Dr. Nana Mizuguchi

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