3 Ways BOTOX® Cosmetic Can Save Your Winter Skin

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We’re well into December and can safely say winter has arrived, at least here at our Kentucky plastic surgery practice. Whether you’re excited about the chilly weather or not looking forward to bundling up, your skin is going to begin feeling the effects of this season’s weather very soon. As the dry air cools down, our skin tends to lose moisture and suppleness, making fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent. Here are 3 common concerns that BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport® can alleviate during winter in Louisville, keeping you looking fresh and youthful for all those holiday photos.

1. Crow’s feet: If you think the wrinkles around your eyes appear to be deeper than they did a few short months ago, you might be right. The sun’s glare off snow, ice, and water causes us to squint our eyes to see better. With the sun sitting low in the sky during this winter season, we’re forced to squint throughout the day, aggravating the eye area and causing crow’s feet to stand out. This area can be treated with a small amount of BOTOX or Dysport to relax the muscles and effectively reduce the depth and appearance of these lines.

2. Smile lines: With all the holidays and celebrations this season, you’re probably spending extra time smiling and laughing. Those actions help to deepen smile lines, and wind and cold can cause even greater damage as cheeks become wind-burned and skin dries out. The combination of these factors has a compounded effect on smile lines. Fortunately, this area can also be treated with BOTOX or Dysport. These injectables prevent these muscles from becoming so tight and strained and help make moisturizing and hydrating treatments work more effectively.

The brow: Again, glare from the sun causes us to furrow our brows, accentuating the “angry 11” lines between the eyebrows. As our hair and neck are often covered by scarves and hats during winter, extra attention is focused on the eyes. These lines make signs of aging made more noticeable this time of year. Treating these lines with BOTOX or Dysport reduce the appearance of the angry 11 and make patients’ faces appear as relaxed and happy as they really feel!

BOTOX and Dysport are versatile treatments that we use in a number of areas where fine lines and wrinkles are often found. Your board-certified plastic surgeon, nurse injector, or other member of our team will determine the proper injection area and amount needed to meet your goals.

If you’re interested in learning how BOTOX or Dysport can help your skin this winter, or you’re ready for a follow-up treatment, contact CaloSpa online or by phone at (502) 814-3000.

Did you know BOTOX can save some winter skin ailments here in Louisville?

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