Breast Augmentation: Tips for Friends and Family

breast augmentation lexingtonIf you have a friend or family member who has chosen to have breast augmentation surgery in Lexington, you should know that she’s going to need support, and I’m not just talking about a new bra (although, she’ll need that, too)! This is likely a decision she’s been pondering for quite some time, and one that she’d like her loved ones to understand — and stand behind. Here are a few things you can do or say to be a helpful part of her journey:

  • “I support your decision” or “I’m happy for you.” These are important words for any breast augmentation patient. It’s normal to feel some anxiety before having what is almost always a life-changing procedure. Your loved one may feel your support, but verbalizing it is also important.
  • There may be times where you need to voice your concerns. For example, speak up (gently) if your friend is considering breast augmentation with a surgeon who is not certified by a reputable medical board. Board-certified surgeons have completed a rigorous process of testing and evaluation and are specialists in their fields. Your loved one should accept nothing less when it comes to cosmetic surgery.
  • Offer to provide transportation. Following surgery, your friend or relative must have an adult to drive her home and also to stay with her for a minimum of 24 hours. This is important because of the danger of falling. She may not want to be a burden, or she may have another option lined up, but be sure to offer, especially if you are close.

At our breast center in Louisville, we don’t just pamper our patients — we also pamper their loved ones! In fact, as our guest, we’d like to offer you 20% off regularly priced spa services on the day of surgery. It’s our way of saying “thank you.”

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