5 Embarrassing Breast Concerns Revealed


Have you ever thought you were the only person with a specific concern, just to find out other people felt the same way? Many women are embarrassed to openly discuss breast concerns like asymmetry or nipple placement. As plastic surgeons in Louisville, KY, Dr. Mizuguchi and I can assure you that these concerns are more common than you think. And can, in fact, be revised through surgical breast augmentation and revision procedures.

I share 5 common breast concerns and the potential solutions for each, as well as related patient cases.

  1. Asymmetrical breast size: This common concern often occurs due to natural growth or breast feeding. In fact, most women’s left breast is actually larger than their right breast! After breast feeding, it is not uncommon for one breast to appear larger and to sag more. A common solution is a breast revision that may include a lift or augmentation with implants. The lift will correct any droopiness of the breasts, and with slightly different sized implants, the augmentation will restore balance on both sides of the chest. View a patient breast lift and reshaping case here.
  2. Before & After Lift Case 413 View #1 View in Louisville & Lexington, KY
    Before & After Breast Lift with Augmentation Surgery
  3. Sagging breasts: Inevitably, gravity can take its toll and cause breasts to sag over time. A breast lift can move the tissue to a higher position on the body and place the breast where it is desired, making it appear perky and full. If there is a loss of tissue due to age or breast feeding, an augmentation with a breast implant may be added to revive the lost volume. View a breast lift case here.
  4. Before & After Lift Case 398 View #1 View in Louisville & Lexington, KY
    Before & After Breast Augmentation with Lift Surgery
  5. Nipple displacement: Breast feeding may cause nipples to tilt or become misplaced on the breast. They may begin to face downwards or sideways as breasts change shape and volume is redistributed. This concern may be treated by repositioning nipples, often with a breast lift to treat any sagging that has occurred as well.
  6. Before & After Lift Case 400 View #1 View in Louisville & Lexington, KY
    Before & After Breast Augmentation with Lift Surgery
  7. Dropped implants: As with sagging breasts, implants may drop to a lower position on the chest. This concern can be treated with a breast lift and/or an implant exchange. The breasts will be returned to a higher position on the chest and, if necessary, older implants will be replaced with new ones for added volume. View one patient’s breast lift and implant exchange here.
  8. Before & After Revision Case 550 View #1 View in Louisville & Lexington, KY
    Before & After Breast Implant Exchange
  9. Updates to breast implants: For a number of reasons, women often opt for a larger or smaller implant size, as well as the removal of the implant altogether. This can be achieved with an implant exchange or implant removal.
  10. Before & After Revision Case 556 View #1 View in Louisville & Lexington, KY
    Before & After Breast Implant Exchange

Breast revision procedures are very common, especially for women who have undergone mastectomies or completed breast feeding and are looking to revive their breasts. Still, it is always important to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon to develop a personalized solution for your needs. If you are considering a breast revision I encourage you to send us a message. We will coordinate a consultation to discuss your goals together.


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