CoolSculpting® or Liposuction: Weighing Your Options

liposuction louisvilleBody procedures are big this time of year, when bathing suits and other summer attire have most of us wanting to appear, well, small. A lot of folks who visit our practice often ask whether they should undergo a newer, non-invasive treatment such as CoolSculpting®, or perhaps something more traditional such as liposuction. The good news? In Louisville, the very latest technology and techniques are available for each unique case.

Liposuction removes unwanted fat from the body through suction. It truly has come a long way since its inception in the 1970s, and there are several exciting, state-of-the-art options now available.

CoolSculpting, which was developed by Harvard scientists, is FDA-cleared to eliminate fat from common trouble areas using a safe, proven process called Cryolipolysis®. This process essentially freezes the fat cells, which are later eliminated through the body’s natural cleansing process. Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting does not require an incision or even an injection.

So, how do you decide? The best answer is to visit the office of a board-certified plastic surgeon and, together, weigh your goals and examine your health history. However, there are some quick distinctions between CoolSculpting and liposuction that can be helpful. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my ultimate goal? I always like to point out that body sculpting procedures, invasive or non-invasive, are a lousy substitute for a healthy diet and exercise routine. These should really be the finishing touches once your hard work has paid off. That being said, if you’re looking for more immediate results, you may be a candidate for liposuction. You’ll see a difference right away, with full recovery achieved in about 6 weeks. Final CoolSculpting results can typically be seen in about 2 to 4 months once the body flushes out the damaged fat cells.
  • How much downtime can I afford? This time of year is typically a busy one for our Louisville patients. The kids are out of school, and life happens. That often means little off time for those of you who are parents. Liposuction does require some recovery time, whereas CoolSculpting does not. In fact, you could easily come in for a treatment and be at that dance recital or little league game the same afternoon.
  • What is my financial situation? While CoolSculpting treatments are less expensive than liposuction, you may require multiple sessions for CoolSculpting. Some people actually prefer this because the overall cost is divided between treatments. Liposuction is typically completed in one procedure.

If you are leaning toward CoolSculpting, be sure to take advantage of our latest special offer. For details on that, please visit our specials page.

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