Correct Asymmetry With Breast Augmentation

A woman pleased she corrected her breast asymmetry with a breast augmentation.

Many parts of the body come in twostwo eyes, two ears, etc. Human brains are wired to think that matching pairs are attractive. And this is one of the reasons we find other people more beautiful when their features are balanced.

Unfortunately, nobody is perfect. Bodies aren’t always symmetrical. Many women struggle with breast asymmetry and feel self-conscious about their appearance. But we believe no one should feel uncomfortable when wearing tight clothing or a bikini top. With the help of breast augmentation and breast implants, we help Lexington and Louisville, KY, women correct any embarrassing asymmetry. 

Why breast size varies

It is common for one breast to be larger than the other. Around 50% of women have some amount of breast asymmetry, although it isn’t always visible at first glance. Breast asymmetry can occur for a variety of reasons, such as hormone changes during puberty. Size can also adjust after large life events such as pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Other women have issues with asymmetry after receiving breast implants from another doctor. Whether you have a natural size difference or you’re looking to correct a past procedure, new implants can correct these issues and restore balance to the body.

Correcting asymmetry with implants

Breast implants fix asymmetry issues by adding extra volume to the smaller breast. Your surgeon will carefully analyze your current breast size and choose the best implants for your needs. For patients with minimal asymmetry, slight adjustments can improve the shape. For women with more dramatic unevenness, differently sized implants can be matched together. 

For silicone gel implants, the proper size is chosen before surgery. When saline implants are used, the size can be adjusted during the procedure as they are filled.

Other ways to enhance results 

Implants aren’t the only way to balance your breasts. Surgeons have other tools to help correct breast asymmetry, such as fat grafting or adjusting the placement of the implants. A breast lift can be used in conjunction with a breast augmentation to help lift and reshape sagging tissue. If one breast is much larger than the other, breast reduction surgery can also be useful. After a thorough assessment, your surgeon will direct you toward the best procedures for your needs. By working together, you can create a custom plan that helps you achieve your goals.

Beauty is a unique balancing act involving symmetry, shape, and proportion. As our patients show in before-and-after photos, breast augmentation with implants can create flattering, natural-looking, and proportional results. 

If you’re in the Lexington or Louisville, KY, area and would like to learn more about breast symmetry or other breast enhancement options, request a consultation online. You can also call our practice office by phone at (502) 899-9979.

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