Enhancing the appearance of your vagina

enhancing the appearance of your vagina I have seen an increased interest in labiaplasty to improve the appearance and comfort of the vaginal area in my cosmetic surgery practice. In my previous blog I discussed the basic labial reduction surgery where the large labia minora is reduced in size in a natural way. Women have been extremely happy with their results. I currently offer other procedures to improve the appearance of the vaginal area.

I have made some modifications in my labiaplasty procedure. Despite wide reduction of the labia minora, the outer edge still can have some redundant tissue. I currently simply resect the redundant labia tissue at the edge and scars are not seen. I have also made the entrance of the vagina appear more natural by maintain the existing sling like structure.

Some women have a large and overhanging clitoral hood. This may cause reduced sensation during sexual intercourse and may also be seen in clothes. Obviously, the clitoris is an import structure and extreme care is used but the excess skin can be safely and effectively removed. Clitoral hood reduction surgery has helped the appearance of the vaginal area and women also report increased sensation during sexual intercourse.

Aging, weight loss, and pregnancy can also lead to loss of volume in the labia majora and the mons pubis. Fullness to the labia majora and mons pubis can be restored with fat transfer. Small amounts of fat is harvested from the inner thigh or abdomen and replaced into the deflated areas.

These additional procedures to enhance the vaginal area can be performed at the same time as the labiaplasty surgery under local anesthesia. The post-operative course is the same and no additional recovery time is necessary.

By Dr. Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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