The Fit Girl’s Guide to Breast Augmentation

Many of our breast augmentation patients here in Louisville are young, athletic women who spend a lot of time working on their bodies. These women often have questions about keeping their results aligned with their lifestyles while still feeling complete and satisfied with their surgical outcomes. In this month’s blog post, I want to explore how breast augmentation fits in with a healthy, athletic lifestyle and profile one of my past patients who has been generous enough to share her story.

Jessica is a 28-year-old patient who pursued breast augmentation because she felt it was the “missing piece” in her quest for her ideal body, and something she couldn’t create for herself. As she shares in her testimonial, Jessica is an incredibly fit-minded person, with most of her hobbies related to fitness and nutrition.

If you’re wondering how breast augmentation fits into your own active life, there are some questions you can ask yourself to help you make that determination. Take stock of your overall feelings about your body. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, your focus may be on your overall health, your career, and more. But if you’re in generally good health and the size of your breasts prevents you from feeling confident or proportionate, you might be a good candidate for surgery.

These before-and-after photos provide a good example of a woman with an athletic shape who achieved beautiful results from her breast augmentation. Her outcome complements — rather than competes with — her natural build, bringing out the best in her shape without getting in the way of her favorite activities.

breast augmentation before-and-after photos

The best way to see what’s possible and start planning your own Louisville breast augmentation is by taking a look at the results that patients like you have achieved. Check out our full gallery of breast augmentation before-and-after photos, categorized by implant type (saline or silicone). Keep an eye out for patients whose “before” photos look like you, and make note of the implant types they selected.

With thorough planning, breast augmentation can fit into your active lifestyle and put the finishing touches on the body you work hard for every day.

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