5 Factors That Influence Breast Augmentation Cost

As a plastic surgeon, one of my most important roles is providing honest, transparent information to all of my patients. Questions often come up about the procedures they’re interested in, the technology I use, or the costs associated with them, and part of my job is providing thorough answers to put my patients at ease.

A question I’m almost always asked during a patient’s first breast augmentation consultation at our practices in Louisville and Lexington, KY: “How much does it cost?” While cost is always relative to the patient, I understand that part of the concern is getting a good value, while still having their surgery performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon such as myself.

When we give a patient a final price quote, there’s a lot that goes into that number. In particular, 5 things will make the cost vary from patient to patient.

Compensation for surgeon and team of staff

In addition to your surgeon, other staff will be involved with your breast augmentation process. From the friendly face who greets you at the front desk to the nurses and surgical assistants in the operating room, each individual’s compensation will affect the cost.

Anesthesia and anesthesiologist

Patients undergoing breast augmentation will be put under general anesthesia, which requires the anesthetic itself, as well as an anesthesiologist. The first hour of anesthesia is the most expensive, and each hour beyond (or fraction of an hour) incurs additional costs. That means patients who receive a combination of treatments will have varying anesthesia costs. This range can be determined during your consultation as we discuss the procedure and results you desire.

Breast implants

The implants themselves, such as the Sientra® implants we offer, have both a fixed cost and a variable cost. The latter comes from the size, shape, and material you choose. Keep in mind that your implants will last for years to come and that they have undergone years of design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing to become approved medical devices. (While we’re on the subject, you can visit this blog post for answers to some common breast implant questions.)

Hospital or surgical center fees

Some plastic surgeons do not have a surgical center in-house, so their patients must visit a hospital or external surgical center for their surgery. The fees required by this third-party provider cover aspects such as staff, utilities, and maintaining accreditation.

Combination of procedures

Many women will receive a breast lift, liposuction to their abdomen, flanks, or back, or a tummy tuck to enhance their results. The cost of these procedures will be added to the breast augmentation, of course, but combining procedures is more cost-effective for patients than undergoing a single procedure at a time (primarily because of the anesthesia costs). And of course, patients who avoid undergoing surgery more than once achieve the aesthetic results they truly desire sooner, with less recovery time.

If cost is a primary concern for your breast augmentation—or if it’s holding you back from committing to surgery—it’s always wise to discuss your financing options with your surgeon and their administrative team. Many practices offer payment plans through third-party providers, such as Care Credit.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation in Louisville, KY, and would like to learn more about your options, we would love to discuss the details with you in person. You can fill out a contact form, and we’ll reach out to you soon to answer any questions you have. You can also call us directly at (502) 899-9979.

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  • Michelle Phillips says:

    Do you provide the latest tattoo removal using the picosure laser and if so how much is each treatment?

    • Jacqueline Grimm says:

      We provide both the PicoSure and Spectra laser treatments for tattoo removal. Treatment cost range from $200 – $500 per treatment and most patients do require a series of treatments to achieve optimal results. The number of treatments needed will be determined at a patient’s consultation. We would be glad to set up your consultation. Please call 502.814.3000.

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