Good (and Not So Good) Reasons for Wanting Plastic Surgery

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Most people spend months or even years thinking about getting cosmetic plastic surgery in Louisville or Lexington before they begin searching for plastic surgeons. Their decisions are among the most personal choices they’ll make. In most cases, the choice to pursue aesthetic surgery involves careful thought about the reasons for taking this big step.

In 2021, women and men considering plastic surgery face less of a stigma than even 10 years ago; most feel like they can discuss their plans with friends or family. Doing so can help them explore the reasons for wanting to change something about their appearance and feel confident about their decision. However, not everyone feels comfortable discussing the possibility of getting plastic surgery with those close to them.

In this post, we’ll describe the different reasons patients come to CaloAesthetics® for plastic surgery and identify when it’s a good idea to think twice before moving forward. Dr. Calobrace wants patients to have healthy reasons for having plastic surgery and realistic expectations about their outcomes.

Positive Reasons for Wanting Plastic Surgery

Asking yourself why you’re considering plastic surgery should be part of the decision-making process. Positive reasons include:

Improving Your Confidence

This is a consistent theme among many of the patients we see. It is common to have a feature or area of the body that you feel draws unwanted attention or detracts from the rest of your appearance. This concern may have bothered you for years, such as the size of your nose, or may be due to changes from a life event such as pregnancy or significant weight loss. Having more confidence in your looks won’t change your life, but it can help improve or restore your confidence.

Reducing Discomfort

Plastic surgery can be a good choice if you are living with physical discomfort. Women considering breast reduction are often living with neck and shoulder pain caused by overly large breasts. They may also feel self-conscious about the unwanted attention their breasts attract. People who have difficulty breathing through their nose because of structural issues such as a deviated septum may also turn to a procedure called functional rhinoplasty. It not only clears the airway but changes the appearance of the nose if desired. Learn about other good reasons for rhinoplasty in this blog post.

Unrealistic Reasons for Cosmetic Surgery

Thinking about your expectations, or what first motivated you to start thinking about plastic surgery, is a good way to determine if you are likely to attain the outcome you want. Here are some reasons that raise red flags:

Pleasing Someone Else

We occasionally have consultations with patients who say they’re considering plastic surgery because someone else suggested it. Women have told us they want breast implants because their boyfriends or husbands want them to have bigger breasts. Some have told us a friend suggested that rhinoplasty would make them much prettier, even though they never had concerns about the appearance of their nose. If you believe that a procedure will make you happier or more confident, go for it; but do not undergo surgery if you are only entertaining the idea to please another person.

Looking Like a Celebrity

Many of our patients bring in “wish” photos featuring celebrities to help communicate their cosmetic goals. That’s fine. But if a patient has a photo of a celebrity and says, “I want her nose,” that is a reason to put the brakes on. Plastic surgery enhances the features a person is born with; it won’t change the fundamental way they look. If your expectations don’t match what’s possible through cosmetic surgery, it’s time for a reality check.

Losing Weight

The body contouring procedures Dr. Calobrace performs, such as liposuction and tummy tuck, produce transformative results but they are not weight-loss procedures. In fact, body contouring plastic surgery is excellent for patients who have already lost a significant amount of weight and want to remove the excess skin that remains. The best candidates for these procedures are already at or near their ideal weight. If you still have weight to lose, it’s best to wait.

If you’ve been considering plastic surgery and are looking in the Lexington or Louisville area for a board-certified plastic surgeon, contact us using the online form to request a personal consultation with Dr. Calobrace or call us at (859) 269-2256 (Lexington) or (502) 785-0927 (Louisville) to schedule an appointment.

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