After Breast Augmentation: Handling Other People’s Reactions


No matter how excited you are about your breast augmentation results, you may be anxious about how your friends, family, and co-workers will react. This is a concern we hear often from patients at our Louisville practice, and as plastic surgeons, Dr. Mizuguchi and I are dedicated to helping patients prepare to answer any questions they receive. Here are our suggestions on how to handle inquiries from your community with grace and confidence.

  • Your colleagues: The workplace is typically a professional environment. Therefore, what occurs in your personal life is just that: personal. If you choose to inform only your closest colleagues about your breast augmentation, make sure you have their promise not to spread the word. If you are approached with questions or comments from others inside your workplace who may have noticed a change, we encourage you to remain calm and collected. In response to nosy comments, you can always smile and walk away, turn a comment or question you’re uncomfortable with into a compliment and thank those who offered it, or admit to the procedure and move on.
  • Your close friends: Friends can be some of the first people to ask about your change. Depending on how close you are with them, share as much information as you are comfortable with. If they tell you that you didn’t need the enhancement, or if they appear upset or rude, remind them why you chose to have the procedure in the first place. Point out that you made the decision for yourself, are excited about it, and that you hope they will support you.
  • Your family members: You may not be as comfortable approaching your family the way you approach your friends, so sharing what you’re comfortable with still applies here. Having an open conversation with your close family before your augmentation can help them feel more informed and comfortable after the change. Your family may also be concerned with how the procedure works, as well as with the recovery process, so informing them of your plan is a great way to aid in their reaction. You may also need some assistance with certain activities in the days following your procedure, and family is great to lend a hand.

We understand that discussing the changes with others can be difficult. We encourage our patients to be confident in their decision, which will help win over others in your life who just want you to be happy.

If you or a friend or family member has a question about breast augmentation, we encourage you to visit the breast augmentation sections of our website and blog to learn more about the procedure and why we work our hardest to give patients the beautiful results they desire.


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