How to Choose the Right Fit for Breast Augmentation

One of the most important decisions you will make in the process of breast augmentation is choosing size of your new breasts. This can often be very difficult and anxious moment for women seeking larger breasts. The good news is that for most women, there are a wide range of breast sizes that will be appropriate and look great. You just have to pick the size that is most comfortable and fits your needs. Drs. Calobrace and Mizuguchi will help you make the right decision and choose the appropriate breast implants.

Breast Augmentation Louisville, Ky

Women who previously had larger breasts and then lost breast volume from aging or post pregnancy deflation often have a good idea of their desired size. For others, however, having a larger breast is a new experience. We often hear patients ask to be a certain bra size- “I would like to be a full C.” Bra sizes in terms of cups can often be misleading and confusing. Bra manufactures often ignore standard sizes and are unreliable guide for breast size. Also your perception of a certain cup size may differ from others.

At Calobrace and Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery Center we use several ways to help you in the fitting process for breast augmentation. First, implants are placed under a special sports bra to help you not only get the feeling of size but also the shape of the breast. Obvious underlying asymmetry can be adjusted with different sized breast implants. We find this technique extremely valuable and help to give you the perfect fit.

Next we use the Canfield Vectra 3D imaging system. The Vectra 3D captures high resolution image and produces a three dimensional picture. This image can be manipulated with their advanced morphing technology. We can place the exact implant in the image and get an approximate result! The Vectra 3D imaging system has really helped patients be more confident about their decisions for implant size for breast augmentation surgery.

Choosing the right size for your breast augmentation surgery has never been easier. Drs. Mizuguchi and Calobrace will help you select the right breast implant for your desired size.

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