Why Laser Hair Removal and Tanning Don’t Mix

07-28postWhen it comes to unwanted hair, summertime often means constant maintenance, and constant hassle. This is why many plastic surgeons in Louisville field a lot of inquiries about permanent hair reduction options in the summertime. Although it’s a lasting solution, it’s not a quick fix. Even the most state-of-the-art laser hair removal techniques do not deliver results overnight. At any one time, some hair follicles will be in a growth phase while others will be in transition or dormant phases, creating the need for multiple treatments. In my opinion, it is still worthwhile to begin laser hair removal treatments in summer. You will start to see results before the temperatures dip during fall, and by next spring, you will likely be finished with treatment.

Laser hair removal does get a bit trickier in the summer months. This is due to our increased sun exposure. During the treatment process, the laser emits pulsed light beams to target hair follicles in a non-invasive way that doesn’t cause significant harm to the surrounding skin. When your skin is tanned, however, it is harder for the laser to spot those follicles because there is less of a contrast between the pigment of the skin and that of the hair.

However, we offer our patients LUMENIS® LightSheer, a system that is FDA-cleared for hair removal and permanent hair reduction on all skin types – including tanned skin. For darker skin types and people with tans, settings such as pulse width can be adjusted in order to optimize effectiveness and safety. At CaloSpa, you receive unlimited treatments every 4 weeks on the face or every 6 weeks on the body for one entire year if necessary to maximize your results.

For the best outcome, I recommend that anyone considering laser hair removal do his or her best to avoid significant sun exposure and tanning of any kind (including spray tanning) for a few weeks before and after treatment.  If you’d like to request a consultation, please contact our practice.

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