NeoGraft® Hair Restoration Comes to First Kentucky Cosmetic Practice

Hair transplant surgery using the advanced NeoGraft hair restoration system is available at Louisville, KY-based CaloAesthetics® Plastic Surgery Center.

Louisville, Kentucky (December 2016) — Specialists at CaloAesthetics® Plastic Surgery Center perform hair transplant surgery using the automated NeoGraft system at their Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky locations for patients concerned about premature hair loss.

“Our practice is the first in Kentucky to offer the NeoGraft hair restoration system,” Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace says. “NeoGraft is a game-changer for patients who want hair transplant surgery.”

NeoGraft is considered a breakthrough because its computer-assisted handpiece uses pneumatic pressure to harvest individual hair follicles from the back of a patient’s head. Hair on the back and sides of the head is genetically programmed to continue growing, even in a person with hair loss. Hair with this genetic programming is then meticulously implanted in the balding area.

Before NeoGraft came on the market, this technique — called follicular unit extraction (FUE) — was performed manually. It was effective, but quite tedious.

“We have a certified NeoGraft technician available at our plastic surgery practice in Louisville,” Dr. Calobrace says. “Patients favor NeoGraft over other hair restoration techniques because it’s the least invasive method available and it leaves no visible scars.”

The alternative to FUE hair restoration is a technique called follicular unit transplantation, which is sometimes called the “strip method” because a narrow strip of the scalp is surgically removed from the back of the head. Follicles are then harvested from the strip. This method is less popular because it requires an incision, which results in a visible scar for men or women who want to wear their hair short.

The most common reason both men and women start going bald is a genetic condition called androgenetic alopecia (it’s also called male pattern baldness when experienced by men). It typically affects the top of the head and occurs when a testosterone derivative called DHT attacks hair follicles, causing hair loss. Almost 50% of American men and about 20% of American women experience hair loss.

People who want hair transplant surgery are typically self-conscious about going bald, but until recently the hair restoration procedures available didn’t produce satisfying results. NeoGraft has changed that.

If you are interested in pursuing NeoGraft hair restoration surgery, you may request a consultation with the practice or call them directly at (502) 230-5198.

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