NeoGraft®: Not Your Father’s Hair Restoration


Baldness or thinning hair is more common than you may realize. In fact, almost 50% of American men and 20% of American women experience hair loss. At our plastic surgery practice in Louisville, KY, we believe that hair replacement is trending upward.

In fact, The International Society of Hair Restoration saw 64% growth (no pun intended) in the industry from 2014 to 2016, which signals a big increase in popularity in just 2 years! Hair transplant procedures boast a 94% “worth it” rating on, indicating that nearly 100% of people who rated the procedure were happy they did so.

When we perform hair transplants on people from Lexington and Louisville, KY, my colleagues and I frequently use the NeoGraft procedure. In our opinion, it’s simply the best clinical hair restoration option available. When compared to previous techniques (like “hair plugs” or the old strip method of hair transplant), Neograft results are far superior.

Before & After NeoGraft Hair Transplant Case 712 Front View in Louisville & Lexington, KY
Before & After NeoGraft Hair Restoration
Before & After NeoGraft Hair Transplant Case 713 Front View in Louisville & Lexington, KY
Before & After NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Generally speaking, a hair transplant is a procedure that harvests hair from one part of the head (typically the back) and uses it to fill in areas of baldness and thinning, which usually appear at the front of the head or the crown. Previously, the most popular hair transplant technique was known as the “strip” method, which uses a strip of hair and skin from the back of the head to graft to areas of baldness. This invasive technique leaves behind a long horizontal scar that understandably dissuades many people from receiving the procedure.

Instead of an entire strip of skin, NeoGraft harvests individual follicular units, eliminating the need for a visible scar. The follicles are removed with pneumatic pressure—the same technology used in the tube at the bank drive-through. During the procedure, we take the follicles from the back of the head. This is nearly always where hair is the densest and healthiest, making it easy to create a discreet result. Once the grafts are harvested, we implant each follicle, one by one, into thinning or balding areas. This meticulous technique creates results that look stunningly natural. We tend to every detail and position the direction of the hair growth to ensure that each follicle matches the pattern of the surrounding native hair.

I’m so proud that CaloAesthetics was the first practice in Kentucky to offer NeoGraft. Since we adopted the method, we’ve served hundreds of patients who now enjoy thick, natural-looking hair without an obvious scar.

Generally, patients who undergo NeoGraft are some of the most satisfied hair transplant patients in the nation. With minimal downtime and incredible results, it’s easy to see why.

I invite you to see the results for yourself. Visit our photo gallery to see real before-and-after photos of our past patients. You can also contact us to request a consultation, where you can learn whether this approach is right for you.

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