NeoGraft® Hair Restoration: Just As Effective For Women

If you’ve done any research on hair restoration treatments, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a strong focus on men. This is understandable: When we think of balding and hair loss, men typically come to mind first. But hair loss affects women, too. If you’re a woman looking into hair restoration, you might be wondering: Do the same guidelines, experiences, and concerns apply? As far as NeoGraft hair restoration goes (offered at our Lexington and Louisville plastic surgery practices), the answer is yes. NeoGraft can be equally effective for female patients and fulfill similar aesthetic goals. In fact, many female patients say their coworkers and friends had no idea they’d received the treatment at all, and they were able to integrate it seamlessly into their regular lifestyle. Here’s how.

Convenient Treatment Timeline

One of the benefits of NeoGraft is the minimal downtime it requires, especially compared with other hair restoration and transplant treatments. In fact, many of my patients only take a few days away from work, school, and their daily routine to recover from the treatment.

Of course, while the downtime is limited, there are some important guidelines to follow for the first few weeks after treatment. You will not be able to wash your hair, pull your hair back, brush it vigorously, wear hats, go swimming, or scratch your scalp for several days. Just about anything that can irritate the scalp or tug at the hair follicles needs to be avoided. Though it may seem like a challenge at first, it will all be worth it for the results!

No Scarring, No Shaving

Traditional hair restoration and transplant systems require strips of skin with intact hair follicles to be removed and transplanted to a new location, requiring incisions, sutures, and scarring. NeoGraft requires only microscopic incisions, which are created to harvest and transplant healthy hair follicles. Because the incisions are so small, they heal naturally without the aid of sutures.

For men, hair style is often of lesser concern, as most men wear it short and have growth even out quickly even if one section is shaved. But I completely understand that it can be an entirely different story for women considering the treatment. That’s why I’m always thrilled to tell women that you can also wear your hair in regular, natural styles as you heal – up in a ponytail, down in curls, styled with gel, or whatever you prefer.

Naturally, one of the biggest concerns my female patients express is that they will have to shave their heads or cut their hair very short before receiving the treatment. That’s not necessary. The hair follicles from the donor site (where healthy follicles are harvested for the treatment) do need to be cut short. These follicles can be drawn from the lower back side of the scalp, where it can be easily hidden when worn down or pulled back in a low pony tail. The hair will grow back in this area, as well. We work with our patients to ensure that the harvested section is well hidden and patients are comfortable with the temporary appearance.

Natural-Looking Results

The proof of this treatment is in the before-and-after pictures. You can see some of these results from women who have received the treatment and wear their hair long.

Neograft before and after images. More before-and-after images of female NeoGraft patients.

To top off the exciting results NeoGraft has provided for so many women, it also has a 96% “Worth It” rating on as of December 2016, with numerous positive reviews and experiences from past patients.

If you haven’t read our treatment page or other blog post on the NeoGraft system, that’s a good place to continue your research. They’ll give you a better understanding of the treatment process, benefits, and comparison of NeoGraft to other hair restoration or transplant treatments.

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