No More Cookie-Cutter Noses

No More Cookie-Cutter Noses in Louisville, KY

While rhinoplasty here in Louisville, KY, continues to maintain its place as 1 of the most popular facial plastic surgery options, the results requested by our patients are beginning to adopt a different shape. When it comes to the nose, many patients and plastic surgeons alike are starting to embrace the idea that 1 size does not fit all.

In fact, many people who have previously undergone rhinoplasty are even pursuing secondary rhinoplasty in an effort to bring some character back to their noses. First-time patients are opting to take a more nuanced approach, asking their surgeons to use techniques that preserve some of the unique characteristics of their own noses. As seen in other industries, Millennials are largely responsible for this shift, as more and more embrace individuality and body positivity.

So how can you maintain the unique contours of your own nose when undergoing rhinoplasty?

  • Look for inspiration, not duplication. One great way to decide what sort of results you want is by looking at other noses. In fact, we recommend this approach to patients getting other plastic surgery procedures. By focusing closely on the area you want to address, you  can give you a great idea of the features that you’d like to change while also helping you appreciate the subtle nuances of your natural nose. By paying attention to other people’s noses, you can get a good sense of how certain nasal features can accentuate or downplay facial features. At all times, you should keep in mind that you won’t, and shouldn’t, come out of surgery with a completely different nose. Instead, you and your doctor should design a result that complements your natural features.
  • Get an expert opinion. I might be biased, but there’s a good reason to loop in a surgeon sooner than later in the planning process: a reality check. A great plastic surgeon will recognize what makes your nose special while still making suggestions to help improve its appearance without homogenizing your result. For example, the nose often reflects an individual’s ethnic background. It’s possible to improve its dimensions without erasing those important characteristics.
  • It’s okay to keep it subtle. It’s unwise to hope to “get your money’s worth” by asking for maximum impact from your rhinoplasty. The nose is unique among facial features in that even a small tweak can make a big difference in both the appearance of your nose and the way it affects your other facial features.

Curious about the results we’ve been able to create for other patients? Take a look at our gallery of before-and-after nose reshaping cases. You can also reach out to our practice using our online form. Whether you request a consultation or simply have a question, our staff is ready to help.

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