3 Reasons We Love Sientra® Implants for Breast Augmentation


The growing popularity of breast augmentation procedures in the United States has led companies to release a wide variety of different sizes and styles of breast implants. One of the most popular choices for breast implants here at our Louisville practice are Sientra® implants, and for good reason.

Here are 3 reasons why Sientra is a great choice, and why Dr. Calobrace and I use them so often.

  1. True Texture®: The True Texture feature, unique to Sientra brand implants, is a state-of-the-art textured surface that helps to prevent rippling and keeps implants in their proper position after insertion. Sientra brand implants also come with a guarantee against capsular contracture, a rare condition that occurs when scar tissue builds up around the breast implant, causing it to harden and create potential discomfort.
  2. Natural look and feel: As I’ve discussed in a previous blog post, many patients seeking breast augmentation desire a natural looking result. Sientra implants are widely believed to look and feel more like natural breast tissue than other types of implants due to the high-quality silicone gel they’re made of. The gel is also form-stable, meaning it does not change shape.
  3. Variety of styles: Sientra offers a variety of different implant shapes and sizes. In addition to a range of volume options, patients may choose between anatomical and round shaped implants. Round implants are available with or without True Texture and come in a variety of sizes. Anatomical, or shaped implants, come in 3 base sizes and a range of projections to choose from, all available with True Texture technology.

Although there are many different implant brands, sizes, and style options, your board-certified plastic surgeon will provide you with more information and help you determine the implant that is best for your body type and desired results. If you are interested in augmentation we encourage you to contact us at our office for more information.


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