SAFELipo®: More Than Just Liposuction

Louisville Plastic Surgery Specialist Explains SAFELipo®Liposuction techniques are constantly evolving to better serve patients, and at our Louisville plastic surgery practice, we’re happy to offer SAFELipo, one of the newest and most innovative versions of this procedure. Dr. Calobrace and I were recently voted as “Top Docs” for liposuction by Louisville Magazine, and SAFELipo is one of the reasons why.

The “safe” in SAFELipo actually represents the 3 steps of the procedure:

  • Separation: The first step of the procedure involves separating and breaking apart fat using a specialized tool called a basket cannula. Fat that is loosened and separated makes it easier to extract, resulting in less damage to nearby tissues.
  • Aspiration: The second step in SAFELipo refers to the removal of fat through suction.
  • Fat Equalization: The final, and arguably most important step, of SAFELipo evens out the distribution of the remaining fat. Some older liposuction techniques could leave behind dimples, indentations, or irregularities, leading to unsatisfactory results. The crucial fat equalization step of SAFELipo leaves behind a natural-looking, even layer of fat for smooth, even coverage.

SAFELipo does more than merely remove a fat deposit. It actually reshapes the entire targeted area, leading to a more comprehensive improvement that blends beautifully with the rest of the patient’s body. Thanks to its less aggressive fat removal process, patients who undergo SAFELipo often enjoy a speedier, more comfortable recuperation.

Although SAFELipo is a wonderful option for many people in search of targeted fat reduction, it may not be the best match for everyone. During each consultation, I help my patients decide which option is best for him or her based on his or her lifestyle, areas of concern, and more.

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