Stacking Treatments: Finding the Right Balance

day spa lexingtonPatients visiting our medical day spa in Lexington rarely walk in the door with just one cosmetic hope. Often, a consultation for facial laser treatments, for example, leads to a conversation about anti-aging and BOTOX® Cosmetic. It is so common that the practice of combining treatments has evolved into a growing anti-aging and skin care trend. Our staff strives to work with our clientele to strike a good balance between targeting treatable skin conditions and improving an otherwise healthy complexion with injectables and innovative new skin care products.

Here’s an example of a combined treatment plan:

  • Cutera® Excel V Laser: We’re excited to introduce our patients to this revolutionary new treatment. It targets a variety of vascular anomalies, including so-called “port wine stains,” rosacea, facial and leg veins (varicose and spider), and even acne scars. In the past, this diverse group of conditions required multiple systems for effective treatment, but Excel V allows us to increase efficiency by using just one machine.
  • Injectables: When combined with other skin care treatments, injectable fillers can really add that extra sparkle to your results. We offer a full line of products from JUVÉDERM® to Restylane® that work to restore volume to reduce wrinkles and augment lips and cheeks.
  • As you can tell, it’s all about playing your cards right. We invite you to request a consultation to discuss a customized plan that’s just for you.

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