Why Moms are Choosing Brazilian Butt Lifts

Why Moms Are Choosing Brazilian Butt LiftThe popularity of the Brazilian butt lift at our Louisville practice is growing every day, and moms in particular are falling in love with it. By removing excess fat from undesirable areas and using it to create curvier buttocks, this procedure allows women to reshape their silhouettes and enjoy a stunning new figure without getting implants.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why moms are such big fans of this 2-in-1 body contouring and augmentation procedure.

The Post-Pregnancy Brazilian Butt Lift

During pregnancy, the body and its proportions change dramatically. Women often experience more fat retention around the midsection after they’ve had children. While liposuction and tummy tucks are often used to correct this, a Brazilian butt lift offers the added benefit of repurposing the excess fat tissue for augmentation. It’s an extra boost that can bring the body back into proportion without the use of artificial implants.

For a refresher on the Brazilian butt lift, please see our previous blog post.

The Power of Fat Transfer

Fat is an essential part of an attractive, feminine silhouette, especially when it’s in the right place. While extra deposits in areas such as the abdomen or upper arms may seem frustrating, redistributing this volume to a more desirable location can be a dramatic improvement. Brazilian butt lifts allow you to take fat out of areas you want to shrink and deposit it into an area you want to expand.

A benefit of this approach is that it doesn’t erase your curves, but rather enhances them. Instead of dramatically reducing your body size after pregnancy, you’re able to recontour your figure while retaining the feminine, sensuous body type that’s so sought after today. This is a major plus for moms who are proud of the changes their bodies have experienced during pregnancy—but still want to look attractive and feel confident about their body.

Recovery Tips

Most women can return to work and daily activities after about a week; vigorous exercise can be resumed after about 4-6 weeks. During your recovery, you’ll wear a compression garment to help your results heal evenly. It’s important to avoid sitting for long periods of time during the first 2 weeks as this may affect the shaping of your results.

Moms may want to plan for additional childcare during the first few days. You may have some swelling or bruising, so you need time to rest. Once you’re healed, you’ll be able to jump back into mom life with a renewed sense of confidence and a body you’re excited to enjoy.

To see actual patient examples of the results you can look forward to, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you’re interested in learning more about Brazilian butt lift options here in Louisville, please contact us online or call (502) 899-9979 to request a personal consultation.

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