CaloAesthetics Offering Ground-Breaking Symphony RF Treatments

Symphony RF at Calobrace & Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery Center Louisville, KY

CaloAesthetics Plastic Surgery Center is happy to announce that we are now offering Symphony RF, a new, minimally invasive, heat-controlled procedure that safely and effectively treats frown lines, melts fat and tightens skin. Symphony RF is a revolutionary advancement in nerve ablation, fat reduction and tissue tightening that uses FDA-approved ThermiAesthetics technology.

Drs. Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace and Dr. Nana M. Mizuguchi are pleased to offer this alternative to Botox and Dysport injections, liposuction and other surgical procedures. Symphony RF is a safe and less painful way to achieve smoother and tighter skin, by using radiofrequency energy to stimulate muscles that cause facial wrinkles in the nerve ablation treatment (ThermiRase), as well as the body’s natural collagen production in fat reduction and skin tightening treatments. It is the only temperature controlled RF technology on the market.

This new, less painful option to surgery is available in both non-invasive and minimally invasive applications. Areas that can be effectively treated with ThermiAesthetics technology include the face, neck, chest and arms. Number and frequency of treatments are customized for each patient, and maximum results can usually be achieved in less than 12 weeks.

For more information about this exciting new treatment and its benefits, visit our ThermiAesthetics page here.

Symphony RF at Calobrace & Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery Center Louisville, KY

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