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Breast Augmentation: Your Embarrassing Questions Answered

If you’re considering breast augmentation in Louisville, and you’re doing your research (and I hope you are), you likely have come across answers to a number of frequently asked questions, including those about implant type, size, and incision location. But there are some questions you just may feel too embarrassed to ask. Here’s a few that have come up in my nearly 2 decades in private practice: I take diet pills. Will this be a problem? Before breast augmentation, you’ll need to discontinue use of all diet pills, whether they are prescription, over-the-counter, or herbal. Many can interfere with anesthesia and … Continue reading

The ABCs of Plastic Surgery in Louisville for Moms

Mother’s Day has special meaning to me because many of the women I meet who are searching for plastic surgeons  in Louisville happen to be moms — and awesome moms at that. We’ve met because they reached a point in their lives where they wanted to take a little time out for themselves to rejuvenate their appearance. It’s always an exciting journey to take together because I learn so much about the person along the way, and I also often get to meet their beautiful families. Here are some of the top procedures and services we offer to our clients … Continue reading

Enhancing the appearance of your vagina

enhancing the appearance of your vagina I have seen an increased interest in labiaplasty to improve the appearance and comfort of the vaginal area in my cosmetic surgery practice. In my previous blog I discussed the basic labial reduction surgery where the large labia minora is reduced in size in a natural way. Women have been extremely happy with their results. I currently offer other procedures to improve the appearance of the vaginal area.

I have made some modifications in my labiaplasty procedure. Despite wide reduction of the labia minora, the outer edge still can have some redundant tissue. I currently simply resect the redundant labia tissue at the edge and scars are not seen. I have also made the entrance of the vagina appear more natural by maintain the existing sling like structure.

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CaloAesthetics now offering Perma Facial Implants

CaloAesthetics Plastic Center is pleased to offer the newest breakthrough in lip enhancement in Louisvlle, KY , the Perma Facial Implant. This FDA-approved implant is the latest in tissue augmentation technology, and is shown to produce the most natural looking lips. We are pleased to offer this exciting option to our patients. Perma Facial Implants are made of soft, solid, silicone and cannot leak, rupture, deflate or degrade over time. Unlike a silicone injection, the implants can be easily removed or replaced at any time. The Perma Facial Implant lip augmentation procedure permanently enhances thin lips into full, soft sultry … Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Fit for Breast Augmentation

One of the most important decisions you will make in the process of breast augmentation is choosing size of your new breasts. This can often be very difficult and anxious moment for women seeking larger breasts. The good news is that for most women, there are a wide range of breast sizes that will be appropriate and look great. You just have to pick the size that is most comfortable and fits your needs. Drs. Calobrace and Mizuguchi will help you make the right decision and choose the appropriate breast implants.

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