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3 Ways to Rejuvenate Winter Skin

Hello, holiday season! Big family gatherings and plenty of parties are just around the corner. Chances are, you’re already thinking about what to wear and how to look your best. But while you’re shopping around for dresses, don’t forget about your skin! A gorgeous winter glow can be your best accessory. The skin care experts at our med spa in Lexington and Louisville, KY can help you treat damage left from the summer, fade fine lines, and reduce discoloration, all with little to no downtime. Here are 3 treatments that can help rejuvenate your skin. Infini™ laser treatment: This multifaceted … Continue reading

5 Popular Breast Implant Questions, Explained

Making the decision to get breast augmentation is a very exciting moment. While you’re probably eager to see your results as soon as you can, the first step is considering the variety of options available to you, especially when it comes to breast implants. As plastic surgeons, we have made it a priority to offer multiple implant options at our practice in Louisville, and we understand you may feel overwhelmed. Luckily, we’re here to help you understand all the key factors. Here are my simple, honest explanations to 5 popular questions about breast implants. Remember that each woman’s body, lifestyle, … Continue reading

5 Benefits of ThermiVa™ for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Giving birth to children, genetics, or just the natural aging process can change vaginal anatomy. These changes are very common, but can sometimes lead to daily and sexual discomfort. Luckily, there are options available for vaginal rejuvenation, such as labiaplasty and now, ThermiVa. Recently released and FDA approved, ThermiVa has created quite the buzz in the plastic surgery industry, with women experiencing its results after only a few simple, nonsurgical treatments. We are excited to offer this new treatment here at our practice and are sharing 5 benefits of ThermiVa. Nonsurgical: The ThermiVa treatment is nonsurgical, so it does not require … Continue reading

Beating Breast Cancer: Augmentation Options Before Diagnosis

In May, 2013, actress Angelina Jolie opened up about undergoing a double mastectomy as a precautionary measure against breast cancer. Although she had not yet been diagnosed, her doctors told her she had a high chance of receiving the diagnosis in the future. As she stated in the original New York Times article, she shared this personal story because she wanted women to know that they had options to fight the disease before it was able to attack their bodies. A mastectomy, where the breast tissue is removed entirely from 1 or both breasts, is a common procedure to have … Continue reading

5 Embarrassing Breast Concerns Revealed

Have you ever thought you were the only person with a specific concern, just to find out other people felt the same way? Many women are embarrassed to openly discuss breast concerns like asymmetry or nipple placement. As plastic surgeons in Louisville, KY, Dr. Mizuguchi and I can assure you that these concerns are more common than you think. And can, in fact, be revised through surgical breast augmentation and revision procedures. I share 5 common breast concerns and the potential solutions for each, as well as related patient cases. Asymmetrical breast size: This common concern often occurs due to … Continue reading

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