The Busy Mom’s Guide to the Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeovers are powerful procedures that offer a range of benefits for women looking to restore their bodies after pregnancy. A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures that helps improve the areas most affected by pregnancy and often includes breast augmentation and tummy tuck. A lot of moms who come to us for a mommy makeover at our Louisville, KY, plastic surgery practice worry that the procedure won’t fit in with their hectic lifestyles and the responsibilities that come with being a mom. However, with the right planning and a strong support system in place, it’s possible for even the busiest mom to improve her life and her sense of self-confidence with a mommy makeover.

In this blog post, we’ll share some helpful tips for making a mommy makeover work for you.

Connect With Friends and Family

Let trusted friends and family members in on your plan and set up a support system you can count on. Organize help with childcare so you won’t have to stress about taking care of your kids while you rest up. This may include rides to school if necessary, as it may be a couple of weeks before you’re able to drive. Asking a close friend or family member for a little help makes the process that much easier.

Plan for Time Away From Work

Before your surgery, you’ll need to prepare to take the necessary time off work. The amount of time will vary depending on which procedures you include (learn more in our previous blog post), but you can typically expect to take 2 to 3 weeks away. Some people are able to work remotely or return to work on a limited basis during week 2, but most people have much higher energy levels and feel more like their usual selves during week 3.

Prepare Your Home

Clean and sanitize ahead of time so you can recover in a healthy environment and comfortably take a break from cleaning for a bit. Stock up on groceries and pre-cooked meals, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of delivery services such as Postmates or UberEats. Collect all your recovery essentials (books, iPad, medications, etc.) in a central location that you can treat as a “recovery nest.”

Stay Physically Healthy

Prepping your body properly will help it recover as quickly as possible. Discuss any medications with your surgeon and make sure you are stocked up on anything you’ll need. Stop smoking or using nicotine at least 4 weeks ahead of surgery, as nicotine use can interfere with your ability to heal. In the days leading up to your procedure, avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs since they may increase your chances of bleeding and bruising. Additionally, focus on eating nutritious food to make sure your body has all the nutrients it needs to heal successfully.

Relax During Recovery

Take it easy—now is the time for self-care. Taking this time to properly heal will allow you to get back to 100% quickly and effectively. This is where your support system will come into play. Ask a friend or family member to pick up any prescriptions, and make sure you do not lift your children (or anything heavy) for the first couple of weeks. Use this time as an opportunity to truly rest and recuperate.

While it may seem like a big undertaking at first, choosing a mommy makeover is an investment in your confidence. If you’re struggling to love the body you’re in after pregnancy, making the surgery work for you can be a wonderful gift to give yourself.

To see examples of the results you can expect from aspects of a mommy makeover procedure, please visit our before-and-after photo galleries for tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

If you would like to learn more about mommy makeover procedures, please contact us online or call (502) 899-9979.

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