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Can I Get a Mommy Makeover If I’m Not a Mom?

A mommy makeover in Louisville, KY, is a popular choice for mothers who want to get their pre-baby body back. Mommy makeovers can flatten the tummy, enhance and lift the breasts, and remove unwanted fat. But mommy makeovers aren’t just for moms. To understand why, let’s take a closer look at what a mommy makeover is. What Is a Mommy Makeover? The term “mommy makeover” is somewhat misleading because it implies you have to be a mom in order to benefit. However, a mommy makeover is simply a phrase that refers to any combination of plastic surgery procedures that enhances … Continue reading

Why Women Want Smaller Breasts

The reasons women get breast reduction at our Louisville, KY, practice vary, but nearly all the patients share something in common — satisfaction with the outcomes. Many patients call the procedure life-changing because of the physical and emotional relief they feel after reducing the size of their overly large breasts. Some women have lived with large breasts all of their lives and have considered breast reduction surgery for years. Others have seen their breasts change size and shape after having children, or want to reverse the changes created by breast implants. Let’s take a closer look at the most common … Continue reading

Gaining From Loss: Breast Reduction Surgery in the Summer

Many women desire larger breasts in the summer, whether they hope to better “fill out” their favorite bathing suit or to simply feel more confident in a dress. What you may not realize is many women also long for smaller breasts during these next couple of months. They feel exposed or just plain uncomfortable. Along with my breast augmentation patients in Louisville, KY, I work with both women and men who opt for breast reduction surgery. In my experience, this procedure can result in some of the highest patient satisfaction possible. If you are considering breast reduction, you likely have … Continue reading

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