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VISIA®: A Simple Breakdown of Your Complex Complexion

Many patients who visit our day spa from Louisville, Lexington, and other nearby communities say that a highlight of their appointment is their complexion analysis with VISIA®. The VISIA system uses a special camera to help you visualize different elements of your skin to pinpoint damaged areas and see potential trouble spots before they flare up. A VISIA analysis is completely comfortable and non-invasive. The experience is comparable to having X-rays taken at the dentist’s office. Once the photo of your face is taken, VISIA renders several images of your skin to help us map areas of sun damage, aging, … Continue reading

What Does the ‘Ideal’ Breast Look Like?

A recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, has confirmed what I’ve heard from my breast augmentation patients from Louisville, Lexington, and other Kentucky cities. Apparently, the breast shape that most people prefer is the most natural one. The British study showed photos of several different breasts to 1,315 respondents and asked them to grade the aesthetics of each. Although the respondents came from different ages, sexes, and ethnic backgrounds, the overwhelming majority said that the photo of breasts showing a 45:55 ratio of upper pole volume to lower pole … Continue reading

Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist: Whom Should You Visit?

If you’ve spent any time researching non-surgical aesthetic treatments in our area, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of overlap between Louisville and Lexington’s many plastic surgery and dermatology specialists. So how can you be sure you’re seeing the right practitioner for your desired procedure? There are differences between us that may make one better than the other for certain types of procedures. In addition to skincare knowledge, plastic surgeons such as myself and my colleague, Dr. Calobrace, also have a comprehensive understanding of the muscles, bones, and other structures beneath the skin. Of course, this knowledge is indispensable when … Continue reading

Join Us for Our Upcoming Open House!

It’s already nearly time for our annual open house, and we’re excited to celebrate. With special demonstrations, great deals on your favorite services, and mini-consultations with our staff, this open house is sure to be one of our most memorable. Dr. Mizuguchi and I are committed to being some of the most transparent plastic surgeons in Louisville, KY and beyond. That’s why we are pleased to swing open our doors once again to let you peek at how things work behind the scenes at our practice. Here’s a preview of what you can expect at the event, which is Nov. 6 … Continue reading

The Benefits of Choosing a ‘Top Doc’

This year, my colleague Dr. Bradley Calobrace and I were named as “Top Docs” among Louisville and Lexington plastic surgery specialists in 2 separate regional publications. In the July issue of TOPS in Lexington, our practice is profiled alongside some of the most well-known names in Central Kentucky medicine. In the August issue of Louisville Magazine, we were both listed as “Top Surgeons” in the magazine’s annual list. Our placement in Louisville Magazine is notable because we were nominated by fellow Louisville physicians — a tremendous honor! If you’ve been researching plastic surgeons, you know that evaluating credentials can be … Continue reading

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